Kansas leadership has agreed to spend $1.5 million for a public service campaign to slow the spread of COVID 19 and convince a divided populace we’re all in this together.
Used to be such a thing was called propaganda, but now it is a public service announcement paid for with tax money – whether that be in the form of a sales tax, property tax or federal grant funds. There is no free money; it all comes from somewhere – the American tax payer.
Taxpayers had little oversight as to how this money was spent. In fact, taxpayers have had little to say in any of the major decisions imposed on them in regards to their livelihood, children’s education, property rights or mental/emotional health since March 2020.
Weddings have been missed; sports cancelled; funerals postponed. Elderly relatives have gone months without being ALLOWED a visit from their family members; school buildings closed; spouses have been hospitalized for surgery and not allowed family visits.
Yet Kansas leadership sets the price tag for that at $1.5 million and believes an advertising campaign can build unity and convince us we are all in this together.
Well, we’re not in this together. At least it doesn’t feel that way to those of us on the “wrong side of the tracks.” — The “essential” workers who struggle to get by on $10 an hour; the warehouse worker who works as a temp with no paid leave; the small business owner who has been shut down by bureaucrats who don’t understand about overhead and payroll.
In fact many government entities are coming out at budget or ahead in sales tax collections while making it more difficult for patrons to have access. The dire predictions – especially locally – did not come to pass. Many employees are still working “remote” while services provided to public have at times been altered even as the money keeps flowing.
After the $1,200 “stimulus” payment, and monies provided to the unemployed, money for the average person is running tight. People are spending down savings and racking up credit card bills. Young families are struggling with layoffs, daycare and homeschooling.
There’s no end in sight.
We’re not all the same. We’re not all in this together.
Government has lost sight of who they work for and what their purpose is. They’re drunk with power and too busy revving up the printing press and divvying up the new money.
The pandemic has devolved into a political battle; visually marked by mask “rebels” and mask “shamers,” and as long as we’re divided they’ll just keep those presses rolling.
At some point people will grow weary and turn off social media and begin living real life.
And it’s going to take a very long-handled shovel to dig us out of the hole we have dug.
“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’—Ronald Reagan