Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well here we are in the eleventh month of this unorthodox year.
We have and are traveling through an election. Hopefully we will have a President according to the vote and the electoral college by the time this column to press.
Things are becoming a new normal. Masks worn, hands washed, sanitizers in one way or another always in our cars and in our reach.
I would love to go out for a nice meal at a restaurant. I would love to sit in a movie theatre. The smell of the popcorn and the quieting of the audience as the lights start to go down. The list goes on and on.
This will be a year of haves and have nots.
The fact that there are things I cannot do and would love to do, are nothing in comparison to the ones who have lost family members this year.
There are businesses who are barely scraping by. Yet others are doing just fine.
Don’t assume just because you see someone at the store they are ok. They might just be getting by.
For some folks attending Thanksgiving at a family member’s house may be a choice of endangering their health or being all alone on a family holiday.
There are people  who didn’t have enough money or groceries or even patience with their entire family together 24-7 for numerous months.
So we are have or have nots.
More people will be alone on Christmas, maybe even by choice.
Some will be short on food or gifts.
Some will be sad.
If you are a have, most of us are in one way or another, reach out and help someone else. It doesn’t mean buy lavish gifts or make huge gestures.
Tight on money ?
Try showing up on a friends doorstep and singing a carol to their family, from your family.
Offer to walk their dog. Maybe even put up a few extra lights on your home or on someone’s porch for a special treat.
Offer to mail a package at the post office, so someone doesn’t have to get out in the weather.
We are clever people. Doing a little something for someone else might just move them from a have not to a have.
Be kind.
We need each other.