Each year cities set their projected mill levy as a way to budget for the upcoming year.
The levy rate is set per $100 of assessed value. Assessed value is determined by the Johnson County Tax Assessor, but individual rates are set by officials of each taxing jurisdiction.
USD 231 received notification from the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration office that the final mill levy for 2020 is 64.682. The final mill levy for 2019 was 65.775, so the final mill levy reduction was 1.093.
Edgerton’s final mill levy is 30.381, which is what was projected and budgeted for by the city’s finance director.
“That is down one half of one mill,” said Kara Banks, Edgerton public information officer.” The mill levy for the 2020 budget was 30.881 and for the 2021 budget it will be 30.381.”
Gardner’s final tax levy rate is 20.665; this is lower than the 2019 rate of 20.710, according to Daneeka Marshall-Oquendo, public information officer. The city’s projected mill levy had been 20.710.