The election is over, and it’s time for civility to return.
In fact in our view there was never a time for civility to retreat – it really is possible to be polite and disagree politically. There is no reason for every political opinion to explode into a verbally abusive tirade.
Politeness should rule – both in person and online.
As the Bible says in the Book of Matthew,  “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”
Whether you are religious or not, it’s sage advice. Spend less time downgrading your opponent and more time uplifting yourself.
It’s been a rough year. Finances are tight. We’re cooped up in our houses. We’re worried about our health.
It would seem we have enough to take care of in our own lives without casting aspersions on our neighbors.
You don’t have to agree with who your neighbor supported. Maybe they are loony toons, but they can only annoy you if you focus on them. Find something positive for your attention.
Find something beneficial for your neighborhood – deliver meals on wheels, volunteer in some capacity, join a phone bank and check on the lonely.
It’s been a dark and depressing year. It’s time to let it go and focus on positive things.
We may not be able to cause global change, but we can change the small part of the world we live in.
When you put good out into the universe, you might be pleasantly surprised by what is returned to you.