The Blazer cross country team had a great weekend at the Regional meet hosted by Olathe North.
The Blazer boys finished second place to earn their way to the State Championship Meet and a nice trophy as well. This is the first time the boys have qualified for state since Gardner-Edgerton became a 6A school.
The Blazers were led by Quenton Walion, who won the regional meet.
On the ladies’ side, the team finished seventh place, but one athlete did get through individually. Joy Haney finished 17th place to earn her way to the State Championship Meet.

Girls- 7th
17th Joy Haney 19:46
28th Mallory Boden 20:48
33rd Sarah Farrens 21:20
43rd Hannah Elliot 22:05
48th Natalie Claycamp 23:16

Boys- 2nd
1st Quenton Walion 15:41
12th Kasen Keeler 16:24
17th Jordan Kilonzo 16:40
19th Owen Massaro 16:44
21st Wrenner Brown 16:47
36th Jacob Rhoades 17:33
43rd Isaac Meili 17:52