Hayley Christensen
The girls had two big wins last weekend against Shawnee Mission West (25-13 25-10) and Olathe West (25-15 25-23). With these wins added, the girls ended their season 15-1.
Congratulations to: Lily Marshall, Elenor Marshall, Payton Hofer, Miah Mitthias, Aaliyah Moss, Madi Crowder, Sammie Reddin, Olivia Blazic, Gabi Blazic, Jordan Dempsey, Kenslee Troutman and Kristanna Chamnongchith.
Here are some stats from the games:

Aces- Kenslee Troutman-7 Kristanna Chamnongchith- 4 Miah Mitthias-3
Kills- Payton Hofer-7 Elenor Marshall-3 Aaliyah Moss-2
Digs- Kenslee Troutman- 3 Lily Marshall-2
Assist- Sammie Reddin- 7 Kenslee Troutman- 4 Aaliyah Moss-2

Aces- Kenslee Troutman-4 Miah Mitthias-2
Kills- Payton Hofer-4 Elenor Marshall-2 Aaliyah Moss-2 Madison Crowder-2
Digs- Kenslee Troutman- 6 Jordan Dempsey-4  Gabi Blazic- 2 Olivia Blasic- 1
Assist- Sammie Reddin- 10 Kenslee Troutman- 3