Newspapers are important.
Last week was National Newspaper Week, and it passed unnoticed, buried down beneath all the other special days marked by proclamations and resolutions.
This pandemic has been rough on everyone. Businesses closed. Mandated masks. An economic downturn. Uncertainty in the air.
Almost 2,000 newspapers have closed, many more are hanging on by a thread or have been bought by media conglomerates.
Hasn’t been that long ago every town had a community newspaper: Lenexa, Shawnee, Blue Valley, Olathe, DeSoto, Wellsville, Baldwin and Spring Hill. They’re gone now. Many purchased and gutted by corporations from elsewhere. Sometimes you don’t appreciate things until they are gone.
Even the KC Star and Lawrence Journal are no longer locally owned.
We’re a dinosaur. The last independent, community newspaper in Johnson County. The Gardner News is still chugging along. We’ve been better. We’ve been worse. Like everyone else we are treading water and praying for the change Sam Cooke promises is going to come.
Welcome to the new subscribers and those returning. We try to provide news not readily available thru internet click bait or a 15 second television sound-byte. We appreciate your coming to us to find out what’s happening in the local area: school, city, county and sports.
Thanks to those who continue to advertise. Paying staff, printing and overhead costs money. Money we invest back into the local community. So we appreciate our advertisers, and we hope you will patronize their businesses. These are the folks here day in and day out, putting back in the local economy.
We appreciate the support the community has shown us. Without you, there wouldn’t be an “us.”