Taylor Mapp
The Blazer traveled to Shawnee Mission Park for the Mill Valley Mark Chipman Cat to race some of the state’s best teams.
The Blazers ran tough despite the hot weather for an October cross country race.
The varsity girls finished sixth overall, with Joy Haney being the top performer with a 13th place finish.
The varsity boys finished fifth in a stacked field with Quenton Walion finishing fourth overall. The JV boys took fifth overall with Isacc Meili leading the charge with an 11th place finish. Harmony Hockman led C Team girls with a 24th place finish, and the C team boys finished fourth overall with Parker Walion being the top performer in ninth place.

Varsity Girls-6th
13th Joy Haney-20:27
14th Mallory Boden- 20:30
51st Hannah Elliott- 22:37
70th Natalie Claycamp- 24:37
73rd Caroline Clarke- 25:58

Varsity Boys-5th
4th Quenton Walion- 16:23
17th Kasen Keeler- 17:07
29th Jordan Kilonzo- 17:19
35th Owen Massaro- 17:30
41st Wrenner Brown- 17:52
55th Nick Kilonzo- 18:37

JV Boys-5th
11th Isaac Meili- 18:55
15th Jude Graham- 19:06
16th Ken Morgan- 19:07
41st Jackson Elsey- 20:10
42nd Jacob Rhoades- 20:12
52nd Gage Graham- 20:30
66th Tyler Williams- 20:50
67th Andrew Leach- 20:51
70th Leo Schranz- 20:56
76th Jacob Riggs-21:04
83rd Donald Chambers- 21:26

C Team Girls 
24th Harmony Hockman- 27:27
40th Taylor Dryden-29:39
42nd Brook Cape- 29:51

C team Boys- 4th
9th Parker Walion- 20:59
15th Joe Sola- 21:18
20th Ben Pahls- 21:36
36th Chance Henson- 22:03
43rd Jackson Rhea- 22:17
44th Dawson Lasley- 22:18
45th Carson Coleman- 22:18
48th Isaiah Jenks- 22:40
53rd Sergio Velazquez- 22:47
64th Carter Beasley- 23:20
76th Jack Schroeter- 24:06
81st Nate Wilson- 24:39
94th Jason Pitts- 25:42
101st Trevor Hamilton- 29:40