Taylor Mapp
The Blazer cross country team traveled to Blue Valley South West for cross country last weekend.
The format of the meet was slightly different than normal with two small groupings for each division that would combine together for the final meet.
The varsity girls finished fifth overall with Sarah Farrens leading the charge in sixth place.
Tthe varsity boys they finished second overall with Quenton Walion continuing his win streak with another first place finish. The boys team is currently ranked third in 6a in the most recent coaches poll.
The top performer out of the JV girls was Maddy Riggs with a 45th place finish.
The JV boys finished ninth overall with Jacob Riggs leading the JV boys with a 43rd place finish.

Varsity Girls-5th
6th Sarah Farrens 20:33
9th Joy Haney 20:46
12th Mallory Boden 21:12
47th Joslyn Griffin 23:36
52nd Hannah Elliot 24:03
54th Zoey Edwards 24:37
56th Natalie Claycamp 25:00
58th Caroline Clarke 25:23

Varsity Boys-2nd
1st Quenton Walion 16:20
8th Kasen Keeler 17:12
20th Owen Massaro 17:41
23rd Wrenner Brown 17:45
27th Jordan Kilonzo 17:54
39th Nick Kilonzo 18:20
60th Ken Morgan 19:27
61st Jacob Rhoades 19:28
65th Eric Massaro 19:42
73rd Jackson Elsey 20:12
82nd Isaac Meili 20:48
83rd Gage Graham 20:53
84th Jude Graham 21:04
86th Donald Chambers 21:17
87th Leo Schranz 21:30

JV Girls
45th Maddy Riggs 27:42
54th Taylor Dryden 29:17
55th Harmony Hockman 29:20
63rd Brook Cape 32:49

JV Boys-9th
43rd Jacob Riggs 21:29
53rd Andrew Leach 22:05
56th Tyler Williams 22:09
57th Joe Sola 22:10
59th Ben Pahls 22:17
69th Jackson Rhea 22:53
78th Sergio Velazquez 23:51
79th Chance Henson 23:54
81st Dawson Lasley 23:58
83rd Carson Coleman 24:04
88th Isiah Jenks 24:35
96th Carter Beasley 26:37
97th Noah Wise 26:55
100th Nate Wilson 27:45
103rd Trevor Hamilton 28:47
104th Jason Pitts 29:13