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During the third quarter of this year, Gardner’s electric staff responded to 14 outages which affected 198 customers.
Of those outages, two were due to equipment failure, one caused by an animal, one by storm, two due to damage by others and eight are considered “other reasons.
Average workday response time was 11 minutes and workday length of outrage was 31 minutes. For calls after hours, response time was 29 minutes and outage time was 54 minutes.
Line maintenance staff for wastewater collection indicates five sanitary sewer line repairs affecting five customers due to residents’ issues. Average workday response time was just over three hours and average workday repair times was four hours and 12 minutes. There were no after hours sewer repair outages during this time frame.
Line maintenance staff completed 41 water distribution service repairs affecting 56 customers during the third quarter. Of those, six were due to line failure, two due to valve failure, three due to damages by others, * 27 due to residents’ issues, and three due to other issues. The average workday response time was just over three hours and the average workday repair time was seven hours and 18 minutes.
The average after-hours response time was 24 minutes and the average after-hours repair time was 55 minutes. The overall average response time was two hours and 16 minutes and the overall average repair time was five hours and 16 minutes.