Deb Osborn
Sept. 23 was a beautiful day for a long day of tennis at CBAC for the Sunflower League Tennis meet.
The lady Blazers were represented by Lauren Mulwa at #1 singles, Morgan Findley at #2 singles, Emma Crouch and Adah Siegfried at #1 doubles, and Dakota Konzem and Riley Pemberton at #2 doubles.
Due to some unlucky seeding, all of them came up against top three seeds in Round 1 with only Crouch and Siegfried winning their first match of the day, although Morgan, in one of the better first round matches took her opponent from SMS to a tiebreak before falling.
As the day went on and things warmed up, so did the ladies, but running into perennial powerhouses of SME, ONW, and OE was more than we could handle. SME won at all four levels to take first, as expected.
Blazers ended up 11th out of 14, which was about what was expected.
Individual finishes were as follows:
#1 Singles- Lauren Mulwa- 1-2 13th place
#2 Singles- Morgan Findley- 2-2 10th place
#1 Doubles- Crouch/Siegfried- 1-3 8th place
#2 Doubles- Konzem/Pemberton- 2-2 9th place