Two Gardner council members voted against a Sept. 8 executive session. But before the night was over, three closed door sessions had been held, and the planning commissioner who had been “invited” to attend declined.
It’s just business as usual in Gardner. Rather than focusing on recent annexations, infrastructure maintenance or good governance, petty politics, drama and micromanagement rule the day.
We’re wondering where is the leadership to focus this group on what’s important? It seems to be lacking, both from the city administrator who rarely speaks during meetings, and the mayor who can’t lift a gavel.
Two attorney general complaints have emerged from the wreckage that was the Sept. 8 meeting. Two posible open meetings violations: one alleging the motions were incomplete, and one that the planning commissioner did not meet the criteria as a city employee.
The only one who will win from this is the city attorney, who can rack up more attorney fees, which neared almost $100,000 at June’s end. It’s an attorney’s paradise, get paid to give advice, get paid to defend the advice.
Taxpayers don’t win; money is wasted adn time lost. lost. Once again the city has undergone a massive change in employees; half the planning department is gone.
Council members need to quit trying to micromanage and cut deals for the city. That’s not their job.
And the city administrator should be supervising employees – not council members. So why are the mayor and some council members demanding an appointed planning commissioner respond to questions regarding the exit of planning department employees? Isn’t that the CA’s job?
Thank you to Randy Gregorcyk and Tory Roberts, councilmembers, for voting against the closed sessions.
Thank you Adrianna Meder, planning commissioner, for declining to participate. There is no a subpoena for kangaroo court.