Edgerton purchases heavy equipment


The Edgerton Council authorized the purchase of three pieces of heavy equipment at their Sept. 10 city council meeting.

“Two of these—the dump truck and the crack seal machine—were both replacements for equipment that we lost in the flood a few years ago,” said Kara Banks, public information officer.

Included in purchases were a crack sealing machine, tandem axle dump truck and Caterpilar 926 wheel loader for $183,844. The equipment was in budget.

The Seal Master TR-125 DA Crack Sealing Machine cost $57,804, the lowest bid. This unit will be purchased form Seal Master of Kansas City.

The city had been renting a machine twice each year. Crack sealing is a preventative maintenance activity that is used to reduce the amount of water making its way through and into an asphalt roadway, or a concrete joint. Crack sealing is one of the most cost effective and helpful preventative maintenance activities throughout the life of the roadway.

The Mack Granite 64FR (Tandem Axle Dump Truck) will be purchased from Westfall GMC Truck (Mack) and the corresponding equipment Upfit from American Equipment. Cost is $233,542. The purchase replaces a truck lost in the 2017 flood.

The department will have the capability to haul approximately 16 tons of material at one time. With the ability to haul additional material this unit will allow staff to make fewer trips to pick up bulk material. The Tandem Dump Truck will handle much of the hauling of material for the Public Works Department. These essential functions include hauling of asphalt, rock, topsoil, and other bulk material used in the day to day operations of the public works department. With the growth at LPKC and the corresponding increase in the number of roadways that Edgerton must maintain, the addition of the Tandem Axle Dump Truck will make winter operations and snow removal more effective and efficient.


The Caterpillar 926 Wheel Loader will be purchased from Foley Equipment. The wheel loader is a unit that will handle much of the loading of material at the public works facility. The essential functions include loading of salt during winter operations, loading of spoil/debris material for haul off, stock piling bulk material such as topsoil, mulch, rock, millings and tree/vegetation both departmentally and residential drop off.