The Kansas Department for Children and Families Services recently announced that EBT Online has been fully implemented, and recipients now have the option of purchasing groceries online using a Kansas Benefits Card, also known as an EBT card.
At this time, the state’s 208,000 individuals can only pay online at Walmart or Amazon. Kansas does not collect sales tax from online shopping at those two stores, according to Michael Deines, public information officer for the Kansas Department of Children Services.
He said the state does not give preference to stores; however, those are the only two vendors who’ve gone through the federal approval process for the Online EBT program.
Other local businesses can take orders online, but EBT recipients must go into those stores to pay in person.
The recipient’s name is not on the plastic card. “ID is not required when using the actual card,” Deines said.  FNS regulations require that SNAP recipients cannot be treated differently as a recipient using a benefits cards.
“Retailers cannot require a cardholder to prove identity. The recipient has a confidential personal identification number (PIN) that must be entered,” he said.
Kansas currently has 208,000 individuals who receive food assistance benefits totaling $291 million annually.
Since COVID arrived in March, Deines said food stamp applications have increased 112 percent.
Average benefits per person per month is $210, Deines said. “Average benefits per month is $440.”