In July 2020, Kansas Highway Patrol joined forces with neighboring state patrol agencies from Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri to conduct a high visibility enforcement effort. The goal of this enforcement was to raise awareness and decrease the number of speeding motorists on roadways.
The KHP reported the following activities during the month of July: Crashes: 638; Speed Citations: 6,270; Speed Warnings: 4,852; DUI Arrests: 105; Seat Belt Citations: 734; Seat Belt Warnings: 78; and Other Traffic Violation Citations: 2,524.
“The Kansas Highway Patrol remains committed to keeping our Kansas motorists safe,” said Captain Andy Dean, KHP Commander of Public and Governmental Affairs Unit. “Working closely with our local and State partners to reduce speed-related crashes and enforce seat belt laws across the region is a great way of getting our message across. Our goal is to protect and save lives.”
The region seeks to reduce the number of speed-related crashes each year. In 2018, the region saw 683 speed-related deaths or 28 percent of those killed in regional traffic crashes. As traffic returns to its normal rate, it is important to continue safe driving practices. Everyone has a role to play in promoting traffic safety in our neighborhoods.