In the past doing service was just that. Doing service for your community, your country, not for gain.
Service wasn’t about what you got back, your pay or a public pat on the back, it was about what you could volunteer to do for the service of others.
A public servant did service for others; someone who toiled away in cramped offices doing the work of the people in the days before six figure incomes and an expansive building that you have to buzz the taxpayers into.
There were also “religious” who did public service for the betterment of humanity.
So we were pleasantly surprised that true public servants still exist. It made the year 2020 so much brighter.
Without seeking applause or recognition, a group of about six volunteers, and some area — locally owned – businesses have been working all summer to restore Mt. Pleasant Four Corners Cemetery.
They’ve mowed, planted, laid pavers, straightened, counted and repaired headstones. Why? It needed to be done.
Who are they? Although we have our ideas, they wish to remain anonymous.
And that’s what makes it truly wonderful.
Each day it seems we get a press release from some global enterprise or government agency that wants free publicity because they donated a hamburger, a coupon or goodie bag. That’s to be commended, but all too often their donation is a drop in the bucket compared to what they take from the community. And the donation is used as free advertisement for their business.
These local folks don’t want to be named. They were hard to find. And that’s what makes them true heroes.
We used to see true public service a lot. Businesses supporting soccer teams. Volunteers building and maintaining fields. Community service groups planning and fundraising for festivals, libraries or public events.
Now the dictionary defines public servant as, “Public servant definition is – a government official or employee.” It can be, yes. We know public employees who go over and beyond what is called for in their job.
But the true “public servants” are the nameless, faceless people who do things for the betterment of the community — because it needs to be done.
And they do it without recognition.
Thank you.