Several new projects may be coming to Gardner, including a Culvers, New Life Church, Quiktrip and Frontier Community Credit, according to recent planning commission minutes.

A new Culvers Restaurant will be built on the southeast corner of W 175st and Interstate 35. The drive-thru will be located on the south and west the intersection at 188th Street and Gardner Road. The site plan is for a 4,587 square foot restaurant. The space for the restaurant is currently a vacant lot west of Gardner Road and is adjacent to a proposed new Quik Trip.

New Life Community Church
New Life Community Church will be built east of the intersection of South Gardner Road and East 188th Street. The final development plan for the project includes 11.65 acres of used farmland. The church will be a large 1,092 seat space. The total square footage of the church will be 71,000 sq ft. The utilities for the church will be located on a proposed extension of 188th street. A request was made to open the church up to 188th with a main road of 31 feet to clear up possible congestion issues.

Frontier Community Credit Union Brief
Frontier Community Credit Union will be built on Madison Street and Moonlight Road. This is the northeast corner of the original plat of land. This part of this plat was adapted into a Casey’s General Store in 2014, but it has not been put to use. The new preliminary plat has been divided into two lots: Lot one can be accessed from Moonlight Road and Lot two can be accessed Madison Road.

Another Quiktrip is planned for the southwest ocrner of W. 1885th St. and S. Gardner Road. In April the planning commission considered two plats that included Quik Trip.
Access would be off Gardner Road and 188th/Locust for lot 1 and Lot 2 will have access onton Gardner Rd. through an internal road within the site. Truck fueling stations will be located at the back of the site and 16 vehicle fueling stations at the front.