Riana Henderson
Special to The Gardner News
Members discussed the city’s mill levy at their July 23 Edgerton meeting.
Conversation revolved around rolling the mill levy back or keeping it the same. The mill levy is 30.881.
Members discussed decreasing the mill by using the 2019 mill levy and going down a full mill (estimated at 29.919).
Ron Conus, council member, said he still stands by the current mill levy, saying that the increase in taxes is due to a spending problem.
Katee Smith and Clay Longanecker, council members, supported the half a mill down plan, with an estimated mill levy of 30.381.
Don Roberts, mayor also supports this plan
“Take the mill levy down in an organized fashion . . . In the long term; we are going slow and steady,” said Roberts.
“New services have also affected the mill levy, such as the new police force,” said Roberts.
Beth Linn, city administrator, said that the rise in rates for the city have been caused by services, such as ditch clean up, sidewalk replacement, and having an official parks and recreation committee. The water and sewer funds have also gone up due to new services and equipment.
The Edgerton City Council agreed to a 30.881 mill levy, and will publish the budget in The Gardner News.