For 80 years, the fair has provided farmers with a forum to showcase their expertise while preserving the county’s agricultural heritage.
Moreover, the Johnson County Fair offers young people in the 4-H clubs an opportunity to learn how to care for animals and participate in events on animal husbandry throughout the year.
Despite COVID-19 and the almost-empty fairgrounds, this spirit still remained. 4-Hers had the determination and persistence to press on and show their projects.
Young participants and their families were prepared for the showcases, setting up stands in the rabbit and poultry section. Well-tended goats and sheep were already being placed in their pens.
There was no carnival. There was no parade. And yet, kettle corn and funnel cake stands were out and serving customers.
We thank these dedicated 4-H club members and the many fair volunteers, including the fair board members who help run the event.
It takes hard work and dedication for the young people to rear and tend the animals throughout the year, and it takes courage to then present the results of that hard work and to compete with others at the fair. Especially during a worldwide pandemic.
The Johnson County Fair is not just carnival with rides, parades and animal showcases.
It’s a reminder of who we are; a forum to showcase our heritage and roots. A showcase of our resilience, adaptability and strength. And, this year’s fair is a definite example.
We applaud all those who put in countless hours to make the 2020 Johnson County Fair a success, especially with all of this year’s upheaval.
Thank you.