Merit increases for Gardner employee are based on annual evaluations by their direct supervisor. Employees no longer receive cost of living increases.
This year the merit pay pool increased about $10,000 to $242,458, according to Matt Wollf, city finance director. Gross wages year to date are $5,824,179.
According to the city’s policy, there are three levels of performance criterion: below standard, meets standard and exceeds standard. Any employee on disciplinary probation is not eligible for a merit increase.
About 140 employees received merit pay increases. Of those increases, moderate performance increase was 1.4 percent; high quality 2.4 percent; and exceptional 3.4 percent.
The city council approves the budget for merit increases. Input from the finance director and human resources manager is utilized by the city administrator to finalize pay ranges.
Recently the city added a job title for an Engineering Technician I to assist with recruitment.
According to staff, the new position will provide Gardner with increased flexibility when hiring for these difficult-to-fill positions, as it will allow for consideration of individuals who may not currently meet all of the requirements for an Engineering Technician II, but could eventually move into such a position with additional on-the-job experience and training. The Engineering Technician I position is intended to be the entry-level classification in the Engineering Technician position series, and will be distinguished from the existing Engineering Technician II position by its enhanced focus on performance of the more routine tasks.
According to the 2019-2020 salary schedule, an Engineering Tech I will make between $3,124 and $4,600 per month.
Salary schedules are published in an Olathe newspaper. Ranges for all positions run from a low of $2,346 to$12,555 monthly.