Without money transferred in, GEYCP would have lost about $222,000 this year.
In 2017 USD 231 borrowed $10,000 from the general fund and started Gardner Edgerton Youth and Community Programming. Classes included under GEYCP have included: volleyball; Blazerettes dance camp; kids knight; special Olympics; bocce ball; Frick-n-Frack design;and an enrichment class for USD 231 employee’s school age children during Summer Learning Academy.
In 2019-20 the program revenues were $52,517, according to Jeremy McFadden, finance director.
“The amounts transferred from the general fund from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020 was $228,615,” he said.   Also, $203,906 was transferred in FY 2017-18, $24,709 was transferred in FY 2019-20.
Expenditures include two full time GEYCP staff, total wages $179,166, 49 part time student and adult hourly employees at $23,490; and benefits for full time workers of $29,277. The district allocated $1,000 for utilities. Total expenses were $274,726, McFadden said.
Without $24,709 transferred from the general fund, and $197,500 from interest, the program would have lost about $222,209, not including miscellaneous overhead and support services.
Over the three-year period, GEYCP has been involved in direct or assisted programming, more than 10,000+ participants have been impacted, McFadden said.
“In addition, over the same three-year period, the general fund operating expenditures have totaled approx $113 million,” McFadden said. “So the district’s investment in YCP over the three-year period is 0.5 percent of the general fund (transfers and interest income as a percentage of the general fund).  GEYCP has complimented the strong performing schools in our communities, and has also not prevented the district from having competitive wages/benefits for our staff, efficient and effective class sizes, or from lowering the mill levy each year.”
“Having said all this, the pandemic and its impact on district operations has forced a re-evaluation of not only GEYCP, but programming, sports, and activities across the entire district,” McFadden continued. ”The pandemic may likely restrict future programming.  It may also require some administrative reorganization, which may include new efforts by the central office.  An example of this could be contact tracing.  Overall, if reorganization involves GEYCP staff, our future plans are to not include those costs in the extraordinary school fund.”