Mike Brown

Mike Brown
6th District commissioner
This year has been anything but normal, as we all know too well, however one thing has quietly continued through the lock-down and the other measures implemented to contain COVID-19; the 4-H’ers were out there in the barns and fields working their livestock.
They worked diligently and endlessly in feeding, watering, brushing, bathing, talking to, petting and, of course, the ever-famous and necessary cleaning of stalls.
These youngsters, while bottle feeding calves, cradling baby lambs and rabbits, bathing and brushing their horses and lovingly caring for their poultry, learned many valuable life lessons. Those important lessons include personal responsibility, honoring commitment, putting in the hard work, and of course gaining a truer understanding of the agricultural industry and lifestyle. They also are about to be rewarded for this hard work in the form of applause, pats on the back, ribbons, and money!
Sadly – but predictably – much of the Johnson County Fair has been cancelled. Although there won’t be a parade or carnival this year, it was hugely important to many the Show and Sale go on as planned.
I heard from many and relayed the message to the Fair Board, 4-H, Kansas State Agricultural Extension on behalf of the 4-H participants and their parents who did so much work to prepare for the 4H Show and Sale. It is also important to me as a Johnson County Commissioner that the Show and Sale go on… and that is exactly what is going to happen.
I’m proud of the Fair, 4-H, and the K-State Extension. I am excited to be at the show and sale to see the fruits of a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. This is true Americana and it’s going to be great fun!
Please come to the Show & Sale and also check the Johnson County Fair website (www.jocokansasfair.com/events) for times and location updates of events. We all need to support these folks who did so much hard work to be ready. I’ll be there in my cowboy hat and boots and I hope to see you too. Come say hello and let’s join together in cheering on our proud 4-H’ers!