Happy Helpers 4H Club 2020. Top (L-R): Dylan Yerkes, Cora Delancy (above), Owen Trecek (below), Hannah Reese. Middle (L-R): Lily Barnheart, Alex Decker, George Delancy. Bottom (L-R): Jack Gruhn, Claire Trecek (above), Isla Delancy (below), Nathan Delancy. Photo courtesy of George P. Delancy

Happy Helpers at the 2019 Johnson County Fair with their Club Banner. (L-R) Dylan Yarkes, Cameron Yerkes, Owen Trecek, Cora Delancy, Claire Trecek, Isla Delancy, Nathan Delancy, George Delancy, Hannah Reese, Alex Decker. Photo courtesy of George P. Delancy

George P. Delancy
Club reporter
The Happy Helpers 4H Club members are looking forward to the Johnson County Fair at the end of July. The County Fair is an excellent opportunity to showcase all of the hard work put into 4H projects that use new skills learned and refined throughout the past year. Though it is exciting to compete with a project and have it displayed during the County Fair, another important aspect is the opportunity to speak with an experienced judge and have the chance to ask questions and to receive constructive criticism.
At the 2019 Johnson County Fair, the members of the Happy Helpers 4H Club exhibited 60 4H project entries across 15 different project areas. The club earned 33 purple ribbons which included seven Reserve Champions, three Champions, and one Reserve Grand Champion. These included Claire Trecek’s Coconut Macaroons (Foods and Nutrition), Cora Delancy’s pantsuit (Clothing and Textiles), Dylan Yerkes’ end table (Home Environment), George Delancy’s Entomology display, and Hannah Reese’s photography.
This year, the members of the Happy Helpers 4H Club are working hard to prepare projects in 14 different project areas including: Clothing and Textiles, Crafts, Entomology, Fiber Arts, Foods and Nutrition, Home Environment, Photography, and Woodworking among others. Members of the club are also planning to give presentations and the club will be entering a Club Banner. In Fiber Arts, Hannah Reese plans to enter her macramé project, Nathan Delancy will be entering a quilt, and Cora Delancy will be entering a crocheted project. Seven of the club members will be entering Foods and Nutrition projects, and five are entering Craft projects. Four of the members will be participating in Fashion Revue and two have sewing projects to enter under Clothing and Textiles. Owen and Claire Trecek have Woodworking projects and Dylan Yerkes is refinishing a project for Home Environment. George Delancy is looking forward to entering his Entomology box, Alex Decker will be entering photographs, and Jack Gruhn is planning an Energy Management project. Our youngest member, Isla Delancy, will be displaying a pillowcase as a Cloverbud.
The club is thankful for all of the time and energy that has gone into making the 2020 Johnson County Fair event possible by the Johnson County Fair Board and the Johnson County Extension Office. Their commitment to the youth of Johnson County during this difficult time because of COVID-19 is to be highly commended. The members of Happy Helpers 4H Club are thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to showcasing their projects.