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Alex Whipple
Club reporter
The coronavirus pandemic has affected many things including 4-H. During these tough times, 4-H has had to improvise, adapt and overcome.
In April, the Stanley Buccaneer’s 4-H club began holding their monthly meetings electronically through Zoom. For the first time since February the 4-H club’s July meeting was held in person (outdoors, adhering to CDC social distancing and mask guidelines). It was nice to be able to talk and catch up with other 4-H members and meet face to face.
Despite not being able to meet in person for project meetings, our 4-H members have been hard at work on their projects preparing for the Johnson County Fair. Elizabeth Lang, senior, stated, “The pandemic caused me to have a lot of time on my hands, so I was able to focus on each of them more.” Stanley Buccaneer’s members are diligently working on a variety of fair projects.
To quote the 1964 Bob Dylan song “The Times They Are a Changin’,” but with change comes exciting new beginnings. While right now things may look bleak, 4-H will evolve for the next generation bringing them lots of joy.
Just because 4-H isn’t the same as when we grew up doesn’t mean it can’t change to better suit the next generation in these different times.
4-H will always embody “making the best better” no matter what changes occur.