Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
Well once again I ventured past my comfort zone. I donned the protective gear and suited up. Hand sanitizer, mask and everything else either on or in my purse.
I have officially given up on summer. I know it is weeks away when the heat and humidity will be less. I know there are many more days of peeling the back of your legs off car seats, and sweat falling down your neck.
I think it all came to an abrupt end when all the work I put in on my flowers, much work in my opinion, not so much in actuality probably. Was thrown out because I couldn’t enter them in the open class in the Johnson Co Fair. I had some very good looking plants. I stood, in my mind, a chance at the elusive purple ribbon.
I had picked and pruned. Fed and tended. Squashed bugs. Tied up straggling vines. Yes I am proud, but apparently the beauty is for me to behold. So I called an unofficial end to summer 2020.
I went out in search of Halloween stuff. Halloween makes me happy. It is spooky, and the air is usually crisp. There is a kind of excited magical feel to everything. A “scare” could be right around the corner!
Well much to my dismay, the retailer I was shopping at informed me they weren’t selling Halloween this year. We went from Independence day to fall. I like fall. The colors are bright; the sight of pumpkins are refreshing. But fall is just not Halloween.
So I got out the old crystal ball. I am predicting no Halloween for any one publically this year. No trick or treating, no parties no costuming. Except for masks.
Nothing commercial. No scary movies, haunted houses etc, etc.
I am suggesting you buy candy and make paper treat bags for the kids you know. Seal up the candy in those. Hand those out. Or even zip top baggies.
Maybe include a nice blue disposable mask.
Just past Halloween is Thanksgiving and then Christmas.
Draw your own conclusions here. But I am also predicting: no Thanksgiving parades, no big dinners. No Christmas gatherings, carols by the fire or caroling in the snow. Nothing commercial and certainly nothing vocal.
I want very badly to be wrong about these things.
So make this all be a bad dream. Wear your masks. Do what we need to slow this illness down. Do it now!
Be selfish and safe.
We need those holidays that are just on the horizon. We need family and friends, scares and turkey and Christmas carols. We need to be part of the larger group again.
Make me wrong about all of this. Please!