I just don’t understand why so many people will not use a mask and social distance during this time in our country.
The scientific information has proven that wearing a mask and social distancing helps to prevent the spread of the virus. I see people ignore the request of a business to wear a mask when you enter that business. I had a person tell me last Sunday, he felt healthy and didn’t need to wear one.
I understand a person can be asymptomatic and not know it. If I have that condition, I do not want to infect anyone – So I will wear a mask. I understand that a mask won’t necessarily keep me getting the virus, but it will for sure help me keep me from spreading it.
I don’t want to give it to someone and I for sure don’t want to get it from someone. Does that sound like the “Golden Rule”? If we as a nation would live by that, in my mind, we would be a lot better off.
There was a time automobiles didn’t have seat belts, but as time went by it was found out a seat belt could save a life, it became a nationwide law.
I hope we control this virus with social distancing, wearing a mask, and possibly a vaccine before any sort of law comes into being. Because, there is not vaccine for ignorance.
From Dick Gall, Edgerton, KS