Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
The world around is very wearisome. I mean by that – tedious and just making me weary.
So many things I can’t change, so many things that we can’t resolve with the wave of a hand.
We spent at least 10 weeks sort of self imprisoned. No essential trips, no visitors, very little contact except by phone and email.
Unless we ventured out of our safe space, we were basically on our own.
Apparently, much like whales, our small social groups are called pods. Some people, I am thinking the smart ones -or maybe the ones with unlimited wealth – took their pods to distant houses in the country or beach homes or maybe even to a far away land.
Some people made sure the people they were going to be contained with had skills. Like, shall we say, making gourmet meals or maybe even musical or artistic talents?
Once again finding it necessary, I have donned the appropriate gear and gone to a couple of places for different reasons.
One place was the local walk-in clinic. They were careful and professional, and I felt like a very privileged guest.
The odd thing is, of the maybe four places I had to go, every one of them told me the same thing.
All the people were women I dealt with. They all told me how much they liked my purse. That it was pretty.
Now I don’t try to buy ugly purses, but I like a good deal when I can get one.
This particular purse was purchased a year ago. It was on buy one get one half off. It sat in my closet for eight months. I should have traded it out for a summer bag weeks ago.
So why all the undeserved attention? Why all the compliments? Was there a secret memo passed around telling women to be kind and compliment other women on their handbag selections?
I appreciate them noticing, really I do. But it was unexpected. I thanked them all for the compliment.
Every encounter left me shaking my head a little bit.
Maybe they were just tired of seeing the same old thing, and it was different and colorful.
Whatever the reason, it lifted my weariness. It made me just a little brighter. I am not sure if they could tell under my mask that I was smiling. But I was.
You can find good things almost anywhere you look.
Sometimes even the smallest thing can lift the weariness of another person. Let’s all try that shall we?
Memo or no memo, let’s all give someone a compliment on clothing or hair or even just an uplifting chat.
Let’s all take the weariness away from someone else for a moment.