Riana Henderson
Special to The Gardner News
The July 9, 2020 regular session meeting involved the approval of Homestead Lane Retail District, a new development for the city.
This project will one of the first commercial ventures at Edgerton’s newly constructed Homestead Lane. The area has been in redevelopment as recently as 2017. The city built a new road and bridge there in 2018.
The first five steps of redevelopment have been completed. These steps include preparing a feasibility study and project plans, planning commission approval of the project plan, setting a date for a public hearing, notifying the land owners and school districts, and publishing notice of the public hearing.
The goal of the July 9 meeting was to complete the last step: approve Ordinance No. 2041; this will create the project plan, and sign off on it.
In 2019, Edgerton established Homestead Lane or Project A-1. The project involves the development of a truck plaza, which will include restaurants, a truck stop and a truck wash. My Store III, a Kansas developer will also be involved.
Tax revenue from the project will go to the city. Other funds will reimburse the city and the developer. These funds will be capped at $1.57 million dollars. A second set of funds will provide revenue for public projects for things such as fixing sidewalks.
Construction is underway on the new TA Express travel plaza at I-35 and Homestead Lane. Concrete will be poured for the pad site and the buildings should start going up in the next few weeks, according to the city’s newsletter.The developer continues to aggressively recruit new retail tenants as they finish out the travel plaza. Construction is expected to be finished by the end of the year. The groundbreaking event was delayed because of COVID-19, so watch for details on a formal ceremony.