Insurance premiums for Gardner almost doubled in the last five years, according to information received under a Kansas Open Records request.
Premiums paid to Midwest Public Risk, which insures the city, went from $716,000 in 2014-15 to $1,184,400 for the current year.
Midwest Public Risk is a non-profit, public entity risk pool representing the interests of 180+ public entities across Missouri and Kansas, according to their website. Gardner has been a member since 2011.
According to information received, premium based on payroll increased from $387,361 in 2019-2020 to $416,333 in 2020-21. Payroll was $10,095,400 in 2019-2020 and $10,389,600 in 2020-2021, according to MPR’s property and liability contributions detail.
According to the policy, Gardner’s coverage includes general, auto and sewer liability; property, boiler and machinery breakdown; motor vehicle; earthquake and flood; and utility plant coverage for property and liability.
Sharon Rose, city clerk, said that workers compensation insurance is handled by a different carrier, KERIT (Kansas Eastern Region Insurance Trust).
Public officials/employment liability coverage has a $100,000 deductible that must be paid prior to coverage. In the case of lawsuits, the city would pay the first $100,000 deductible, and if they chose not to use MPR, could pay attorney fees. The policy has a limit of liability of $1 million for professional fees (excluding public adjustors and insured’s attorneys).
Liability for the Gardner Golf Course is limited to $250,000, errors and omissions coverage is $5 million; and animal coverage is maximum $25,000 per animal (total $100,000).
Although the policy indicates coverage for dams at $500,000 liability coverage, subtext in the policy says “$200,000; dams, if approved in writing by MPR.
According to invoices received, premiums amounts listed are:
June 2014: Auto, $117,840, General liability, $119,456, Property, $103,962, Total $341,259
June 2015: Auto $127,743, General Liability, $128,309, Property $119,555, Total $375,609
July 2019: Property $183,517, Liability $387,361, Total $570,878
July 2020: Property $197,281, Liability $416,333, Total $613,614