Riana Henderson
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton city council discussed general fund during a July 9, 2020 work session. The discussion involved the mill levy and a debate over lowering it.
The current mill levy for 2020 is 30.881, staff hopes to keep it level in 2021.
“I would be interested in dropping the mill levy,” said Don Roberts, mayor. Ron Conus and Katee Smith, council members, agreed.
Conus expressed concern about utility rates. He suggested subsidizing the rates and taking the cost off of the backs of their citizens. “We should go back to the 2019 mil levy,” he said.
Conus also suggested using leftover funds from water to fund the sewer, but this plan was not approved because it was deemed illegal.
“It’s against state statues,” said Beth Linn, city administrator. ”Businesses must cover themselves, we cannot cross funds.”
Linn also stood by the idea that the higher mill levy would benefit the city. She said that the higher mill rate helps pay for the new services provided.
“We have more roads, we have grown,” she said. “We have even more employees. These are all services we want to continue.”
The mill levy debate may continue at the next city council meeting on July 23, 2020.