Riana Henderson
Contributing columnist
Contributing columnists are important in the paper. They can provide new perspectives and information to readers. Editorials are the fun stories that break up the dread of the news and the numerous advertisements. My time on the editorial page has been an enriching one.
Since my college major is history; it was sort of a surprise to become an intern of The Gardner News. But, with this job I can I can develop my writing skills and share my new experiences with the world. By writing these columns, I am honing my craft. The more I write the more I improve.
When writing columns for The Gardner News, I really feel like I am putting myself out into the open. I have given my voice to the readers of Gardner, Edgerton, Spring Hill and Olathe.
I have never had so much notoriety before; people can see my face and hear my words. I am just an average college student at KU, with a small internship with the paper. I hope all the fame doesn’t go to my head.
I used to be a character in the backgrounds of town, unseen by the public. I was an enigma, only seen on Gardner Edgerton High School Honor Roll lists. I never thought that I would have a cool title and a spot on the editorial page.
I want to thank readers of The Gardner News for being there for all my new developments – from peaches and college to quarantine and strawberry jam.