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There were 11 firework tent permits in Gardner this year.
According to Larry Powell, economic development director, the city had received 11 tent permits as of the June deadline.
Powell told Gardner city council members at their June 22 meeting that permits had been received from: Clay Boan at 191st and Gardner Rd; Mike Watson at 183rd& Gardner Rd; Julie Young has tents at 505 E. Main and 175th& I-35; Adam and Karyn Shay at Trade-Net; Karen Spielbusch at Walmart, Stan Bloom has tents at Hampton Inn and at Walgreens, Andy Phillips at the old Price Chopper site; Winston Slaver at 902 E. Warren; and Chris Myers at Tumbleweed.
The fire department and city inspectors visited each site for certification. Sales began on June 28, and shooting was legal July 3 – 5.
Rich Melton, councilmember, thanked Powell for the update on fireworks tents and clarifying that there are no members of the governing body associated with fireworks tents.

GCC discusses July 4 fireworks
Members of the Gardner City Council praised the police department for their handling of the city’s fireworks and July 4 celebration at their July 6 meeting.
Rich Melton, council member, said he visited all the firework stands and sales were up every day, and he recommended the fireworks ordinance be extended to the state ordinance of nine days.
Randy Gregorcyk, council member, questioned street cleanup efforts.
In the past, the city has had good response to phone calls regarding street clean up, said Michael Kramer, public works director. “We encourage folks to clean up their own trash,” he said.
Gregorcyk said there should be a time limit on residents cleaning up the streets, and Gardner should evaluate the city’s fireworks policy every three to four years. “We should be listening to the minority and not just the majority,” he said.
Mark Baldwin, council member, said the fireworks rules could be on signs posted at firework stands.