We believe voting is critical. Don’t like what’s going on in this great nation? Register and vote. It is crucial to the health and liberty of our great nation.
The right to vote has been a struggle for many, including both women and minorities. Voting was originally only for those who were landowners.
In chaotic and sobering times such as these, voting for all is imperative.
Voting in local elections is just as important as voting in presidential elections. The policies decided in your city, county and state affect you directly.
This year the last day to register for the primary is July 14; registration ends 21 days before elections, and this year’s primary is August 4.
It is important that you exercise your American right to vote. It’s what keeps us free.
It’s also important you research your candidate and make sure your views align. Don’t rely solely on social media, advertisements or sound bytes. Governing is not a popularity contest. It’s more than a clever slogan or photo on Facebook.
Good government can’t exist without informed citizen involvement.
Good government is more than just choosing a “team.” It’s not the Chiefs vs. the Patriots.
Good government is not getting the proverbial “ring,” and we all live happily ever after until the next time.
The long arm of government touches us all: every day, all day long.
No matter how you vote, you should remember that your vote makes a difference.