Riana Henderson
Special to The Gardner News
During the June 25 work session the Edgerton City Council reviewed the Other Funds Budget, in addition to the budget for Vehicle and Equipment Budget for 2021.
Beth Linn, city administrator, said that COVID – 19 has drastically reduced the city’s revenue in those categories, resulting in a need to raise funds in 2021.
The Special Highway Fund tracks the revenues of a state gas tax. Funding goes to the Annual Street Maintenance project. Total Revenue dropped from $ 48,439 in 2019 to $45,480 in 2020.The city does not have an exact number goal for these funds, but plans to make $40,030 in total revenues for 2021.
The Special Parks and Recreation Fund tracks the revenue of a state tax on alcohol sold in clubs, restaurants, and other establishments and helps Parks and Recreation. The2019 revenue of $3,493 has dropped down to $1,000 in 2020.The city hopes to raise these funds to $2,780.
The Bond and Interest Fund covers the transactions related to the securing and managing the city’s property. Currently this fund refunded the 2012 municipal bonds for the Sunflower Benefit District. The recommended budget includes a number of special assessment bonds in2021, which fund city development. These bonds have decreased due to pre-payments on the land purchased. The current revenue for 2020 is $238,954,this will not change in 2021.
The Vehicle and Equipment Budget will include the purchase and replacement of storm sirens, construction equipment, and street cleaning equipment. The current plan was approved in 2019. During the work session, city council had discussed the funding of new projects.
The plan includes an Unfunded Equipment List. Half of the list is equipment that cannot be paid or prioritized at this time. Don Roberts, mayor, said, “ we have a long way to go with projects.”
The budget will be discussed further on Aug, 13, 2020, when the budget will be officially decided.