Riana Henderson
Contributing columnist
Last Sunday, I made strawberry jam for the first time. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
I usually wouldn’t try new things on my own. As an over thinker, I would make excuses for why I wouldn’t try, especially with food.” I don’t have the ingredients, what if I mess up, or it seems so messy.” I thought that if I didn’t try, then nothing would go to waste. I would make the same foods over again and try to stay in the shallow side of the fridge.
This weekend, I stopped thinking and started doing. I started by looking at different recipes for a couple days, so I could be prepared to take the opportunity. It was almost thrust upon me, as we had received a two pound package of strawberries and a couple lemons from my grandma.
I took on the challenge. Following the recipe, I started juicing lemons, cutting them in half and turning them on a big glass hand squeezer. I kept the peels for pectin (the concrete mix of jam making).The ripe and soft strawberries were cut into slices and chunks. I folded the pristine white sugar into the strawberries and lemons. In 30 minutes, this proto-jam had reduced down to a dark red glossy substance: a mildly tart, but delicious, strawberry jam.
Fear of failure is often like the lemons in a jam. It can give off a sour expectation on new activities. But, mixing the sugar of hope and strawberries of motivation – flavors of doubt are neutralized.
So do. Try as many new experiences as you can. Whether it’s going skydiving or trying to make hummus. If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you.