Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Everyone lives their own way. Each family has its own cadence to life and living.
I live with a dog, who I believe was taken from his Mom a little too early in life. As a foster pup, the ladies who raised him had numerous pups to feed and care for. Plus they worked.
So Max likes to tear up toys. He plays with them. Tossing and chasing them. But when it is said and done. He goes to a corner and plucks the fur off, and then takes the stuffing out. I don’t think it can be treat-trained out of him. He enjoys the process way too much.
So, my house has dog toys in various stages of dismemberment.
There is a pile of them to be sewed back into some sort of form. There is another pile of things I just can’t save.
I also have cat toys in a basket. They aren’t very hard on their toys.
Needless to say, my house isn’t a showroom or a fancy dress place. I live in my home. It is clean, but not sterile. It is lived in, but not a museum.
As my son likes to say, everything in my house has its tale. A few things also have their tails. If I didn’t have a memory or story connected to the item, I probably wouldn’t keep it.
Because memories and stories are what makes life so worth living.
There is much to be said for eliminating clutter and downsizing. Makes things much easier to handle and to clean around.
Right now look around your room.
Do you see people who have passed in photos? Do you see things that made you into the person you are today? Things that just make you smile and be happy?
If you don’t, try getting a few things out you haven’t enjoyed for a while. It is sure worth the smile or perhaps a tear.
Max will tell you he has many things he would like to enjoy and revisit, but the sewing /repair lady is just a little slow in the process.