Just when you think 2020 might be righting itself, something new comes along.
Between protests, school cancellations, business shutdowns, pool closed , Independence Day festivities cancelled and a looming recession, cancelling the Johnson County Fair parade shouldn’t seem like that big a deal. But for many of us, it is.
It’s part of our history.
Summer always meant the Johnson County Fair. And the fair always meant seeing friends on the fairgrounds, eating funnel cakes, lining up for carnival rides and everything else that a fair entails.
The parade was sponsored by the Gardner Edgerton Chamber, and it was the culmination of summer.
The parade meant standing on the hot Main Street sidewalks or sitting on the steps in front of the bank building. Waving at friends and family.
Kids sitting on their dad’s shoulders watching the Shriner cars, fire trucks and 4-H floats pass by. Taking handouts from politicians and shaking hands.
Watching the kids on the decorated bicycles and the clown on stilts. The Gardner Edgerton Marching Band, and the citizen and business of the year.
In the sultry heat it meant waiting for the parade to end, so you can head to the fairgrounds to wander thru the barns, take a drink from the hose, visit Grandpa’s farm or eat at the food vendors.
Thankfully, in modified form, the fair will continue, and we thank those volunteers who make it possible.
So it’s with sadness as we watch 2020 scurry by; yet, we’re ready to see it and all its craziness go.
Sit down and enjoy the ride, 2020 is already half over, and it will also leave memories.
Hopefully this generation will recall the pandemic in the same way we remember the 1970’s gas shortages — gone and almost forgotten.