Riana Henderson
Contributing columnist
Despite the many protests against the quarantine, I found the whole event peaceful and mundane. 2020 was the best time for a quarantine. We have so many virtual resources that now, more than ever, it has been the easiest time to stay busy and entertained without going outside at all.
I went to KU after graduating from Gardner-Edgerton High School. The university had shut down its campus at the end of spring break. We had an extra week to help our teachers prepare for online classes. So we were already at home by the time stay at home orders were announced.
It was easy to adjust to the new “Stay at home” lifestyle. Especially with school, everything – homework, lectures, even grades – was already online. The transition was almost seamless.
I could continue to take notes and attend lectures over Zoom. I could see my grades and assignments on Blackboard, a student teacher connection app. I could write papers over Google docs. The desk chair that I never used was now a classroom.
My work slowed up quite a bit.
I was taking my schoolwork in chunks throughout the week, while listening to music. I stayed up later, turning everything in before the due date at 4 a.m.
I was also slowed by the slightly annoying glitches and lapses on Zoom. Once, my WIFI cut off, and I missed half of a class session. Luckily, this was a minor bump in the road, since the lecture was recorded.
I still finished the school year with flying colors.
My parents were able to keep their jobs and work from home. There was the constant clicking of the computer keyboard and phones ringing.
I, on the other hand, lost my job as a desk assistant; I helped students that live in the dorms with mail and answering questions. I could not work from home and clerk the desks, as the school was completely shut down. I am getting my job back this fall, if all goes well.
During quarantine I had a lot of free time to explore my hobbies: knitting and watching video essays. I made my grandma a new scarf, loop by loop, taking my time with it.
I hope that your time indoors was as mundane as mine, and that we are all grateful to live with the technology that we have.
We are much stronger than we think, we can adapt to anything, even isolation.