Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
In a 20 minute virtual meeting, Gardner-Edgerton School district approved an agreement extension with First Student through June 30, 2025 for student transportation services.
Robin Strentz, member, abstained from the vote. She is employed with First Student.
Kristen Schultz, member, said she wanted to know who paid the bus drivers during inclement weather. She said she wanted to know how it would work for future virtual school days.
“In  previous years who paid for inclement weather days?” she asked. “Did the bus company or was the district responsible for paying drivers?”
Bruce Kracl, director of operations, said the contract doesn’t address inclement weather, but the company pays the drivers.
Shawn Carlisle, school board president, gave comments that the board hopes to have a face to face meeting in July.
He also mentioned The Gardner News article in May about their short 12 minute meeting. In an editorial, the newspaper had mentioned the short meeting and suggested more information be provided publicly.
“We are still covering the meat and potatoes,” Carlisle said. “We just don’t have the directors’ presentation.”
Carlisle said he would come over and have a drink and read the directors’ presentation to anyone. A directors’ report is provided to board members each month and is available on the district’s website. It was not read during the meeting.
Schultz said there was a lot of information, and she didn’t know why the board couldn’t share it virtually.
“Summer school started today,” she said. “I’d like to know what that entails.”
According to the district’s Board Briefs, there was no public discussion regarding budget; however, it does list these items as approved:
– Approved Consent Agenda consisting of: minutes of the regular meeting held on May 11, 2020; Annual Microsoft Licensing; Financial Statements; Internet Filter Renewal; 2020 – 21 Nutrition Services Vendor Contracts; 2020 – 21 Meal Prices; and Approval of Claims.
Approved pupil transportation services agreement extension with First Student, Inc. for transportation services effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2025.