Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well the past ten weeks has had some eye opening events. I would hope everyone has learned something new and good.
If you are a student I hope you did you online studies , if you could. Or at least possibly “packets” provided by your school.
If you are an adult. I hope you learned a new skill such as cooking. Or child mediation.
Maybe you found the hobby you knew was waiting out there for you.
Maybe you learned to write letters and got the pleasure of getting mail.
I have to say my flowers have never looked better. They are not necessarily weeded or in beautiful groupings, but spring and the rains have provided wonderful looking plants and beautiful colors.
I have also spent a lot of time outside with my housemate Max. Max will be two in September. Well past the puppy stage.
A very nicely mannered little gentleman dog. He still doesn’t like to be approached and grabbed for or actually petted by strangers. But we all have our little quirks.
He does love going outside and people watching. The more I have him out the less he barks at people he doesn’t know.
I have a nice back patio. It is covered in plants. It doesn’t cool off till after 6 p.m. So my neighbor friend and I bought patio chairs and became driveway buddies.
Being careful to social distance, we sit in the shade out front with our dogs on long leashes and watch the neighborhood pass by.
I know that sounds a bit odd. My front porch isn’t a good place to sit. It faces directly to the people living to the East. With maybe 15 ft. between our homes it makes you feel like a bit of a peeper.
So driveway it is.
Our dogs wrestle and lay in the grass. We work on the problems of the world from our vantage points.
We have two chairs. It is nice to have someone to chat  with. It is nice to feel the breeze and see the birds and flowers everyone has worked hard to help along.
We have two chairs but are thinking about adding a third. You know a sort of guest speaker. A third person to share opinions and the lovely evening light. Maybe someone who doesn’t have a driveway buddy. Someone who needs their opinions to be heard and their voice valued. Everyone needs to feel valued. Because they are.