Along with all of you, we have been grieving the tragic loss of life of George Floyd. As elected officials of Johnson County we do not tolerate violence of any kind including that which is centered on racism or inequality. Those of us in the criminal justice system demand fair and just treatment of all people. We will work to ensure upholding everyone’s civil rights.
We understand the need for our metro area to have its voice heard on this issue. We encourage public dialogue, debate, and expressing your grief and frustration. Part of our role is to protect your First Amendment rights. However, we implore you to leverage those rights in a peaceful manner. Please, help us protect the community by understanding that violence, destruction and social unrest will not solve the problem. This is not the time for communities to be torn apart; rather, it is the time for us to come together, and continue to create a county, metro area and nation where everyone is protected and treated equally.

Calvin Hayden, Johnson County Sheriff
Ed Eilert, Johnson County BOCC Chairman
Steve Howe, Johnson County District Attorney