Keaton Pecenka
Club reporter
The Blue River Wranglers have found a different way to conduct meetings. Members have been doing Zoom meetings online instead of in-person normal meetings.
Martha Long hosted a virtual cooking meeting and made bread. During the cooking meeting 4Hers were told the instructions and every once in a while Long would ask them to show her the bread.
Members also had a social on Zoom where they talked about what we were doing to keep busy during this time.
Recently during the COVID19 stay home order,the Blue River Wranglers did community service. Members have written letters, posters, drawn pictures and even made banners to send to nursing homes.
The club decided to do this community service because members wanted to cheer up the residents. They cannot go places, and they have limited visitors. The well wishes went to local nursing homes or specific nursing homes that are important to members of our club.