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Lynne Hermansen
Special to The Gardner News
City council members passed a waiver June 1 to allow the sale of sealed wine at weekly Farmer’s Markets events.
The waiver of distance limitation applies to the sale of domestic wine within 200 feet of a school, church or library during the Farmer’s Market events from June 4 to Sept. 10 4-7 p.m. The location is on Washington Street East of Center Street and West of Elm Street.
The wine can only be sold sealed and not consumed at the Farmer’s Markets events.
During the public comment section of the meeting, Dan Heckey, builder, voiced concerns regarding building permits.
Heckey built homes at 601-619 South Meadowbrook. The homes are joined townhomes. He said he hooked up the electrical to the homes with the original building permit.
“We couldn’t get across the backyard,” Heckey said. He showed pictures to council members of the backside of the properties.
Heckey requested that the owner shouldn’t pay another $500 fee. “I don’t understand what it’s hurting going through the backyard,” he said. Heckey said it was more of a problem going through the front yard with the sewers. “I don’t think it’s quite right when we were never told to go through the backyard,” he said.
Powell said there was a storm drain where a tree stood in the back of the houses in the picture Heckey provided. “There is no easy way to get an electric extension,” he said. “We did issue a permit for where the building gets access.”
Powell said there was no existing easement, and it was the owner’s responsibility.
Gonz Garcia, utility director, said it was best if the side of the home had the easement. “The owner is released of liability, but it’s not the preferred way out,” he said.
If the owner did sell there’d be nothing on public record if something goes wrong, according to the city attorney.
Rich Melton, councilmember, said he suggested to allow a temporary easement and put in the title as a subsequent sale agreement that it had to be done before the home sells. “The clause would be for if either side sells then it has to be taken care of,” he said. “It’d be due on sale.”

In other business:
Garcia gave a brief presentation updating council members on the progress the last few months of the Hillsdale Water Treatment Expansion. Lagoon construction has begun on the south side.