No new agenda items were discussed at the Gardner-Edgerton School Board meeting held at 3 p.m. May 11.
The virtual meeting was 12 minutes long.
Board members went into executive session for five minutes and passed the Executive Session item.
The next virtual school board meeting will be 3 p.m. on June 8 at 3 p.m.
Although there was no public discussion during the 12 minute virtual meeting, some insight can be gained from viewing director’s reports which are issued twice monthly and are available online.

According to the May report:
Per the superintendent’s report information was provided to district families regarding graduation and senior night.
Staff of no more than 10 per building has been working to retrieve student and belongings which is expected to take several weeks. Accommodations were made for taff members who couldn’t report during the day due to family care.
-Administrators and counselors at each elementary school provided a Google form with which students and families may request assistance for physical, emotional or academic needs. In addition principals touch base weekly with staff members to see if they need help.
At the secondary levels, principals do weekly check ins with staff as well as students who have not engaged in opportunities for support.
End-of-year procedures have been created and implemented. Staff members gathered student items and are closing classrooms May 4 – 18. Administrators will be leading the distribution of student materials May 19 – May 22.
– The Local Consolidated Plan Assurances are due to the Kansas State Department of Education June 7, but do not need board approval.
-The LCP Revision and Carry over report to KSDE is due July 2, and the LCP Annual Report is due July 16.
-The LCP Annual Audit Report is due July 16.
-Two box trucks of old technology was recently picked up by Synetic Technology. Typically this service would cost about $10,000, but due to some remaining value, there was no charge. As a bonus Synetic provided 65 recycled Cisco access points.
-The Nutrition Services Department served more than 137,000 meals to date.
– Staff turnover is lower than average. Each year about 10 percent of staff leave the district; or 50 of 500 certified staff members. At this point there have been only 26 retirement/resignations. Additional support staff turnover is significantly lower.
– USD 231 will receive about $278,000 from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund for grades K-12.
– Maintenance staff has started upgrades at selected schools in preparation for classroom changes.