About $27,000 in funds left from last year’s maintenance program will be used to re-grade, increase cross slope and pave the 8th and Edgewood intersection with concrete. Photo courtesy of Kara Banks

Funds left over from last year’s 2019 Streets Maintenance Program will be used to correct grade changes at 8th and Edgewood.
Despite an overlay of asphalt added last year, the intersection continues to hold water which causes damage to the asphalt. City staff recommended using savings from last year’s project to rebuild the intersection with concrete.
The work includes re-grading portions o the intersection to increase cross slope, causing water to run off the pavement. Miles Excavating submitted a proposal and scope in the price of $27,223.25.

The Edgerton intersection at 8th and Edgewood continues to hold water despite an overlay of asphalt added last year. The Edgerton council recently approved rebuilding the intersection with concrete. Photo courtesy of Kara Banks

In May 2019, the council estimated cost of the maintenance program at $67,890, but actual work billed was about $38,000 which is Miles proposal for the intersection reconstruction.
Also within the savings is about $10,000 which will be used for joint sealing work at the LPKC, which should be completed by the end of summer.
In other business, the council approved a resolution condemning private property and authorizing a survey for work on the Homestead Lane project. the new full access intersection at Homestead Lane and 200th St. are just north of Interstate 35.
Edgerton needs a temporary construction easement on the property located at 20080 Homestead Lane (northwest corner of Homestead Lane and Interstate 35) to remove the existing right-in/right-out entrances and construct the new intersection.
Staff has contacted the property owner and requested the dedication of the easement by June 4, 2020. In addition, a new public sanitary sewer main is being constructed from the existing gravity sewer interceptor on the west side of the property at 20080 Homestead Lane to near east side of Homestead Lane at 200th Street. The city needs a permanent sanitary sewer easement and temporary construction easement for this Project. Staff has contacted the property owner and requested the dedication of these easements by June 4, 2020.
Prior to June 4, staff will continue to negotiate easements with the property owner as the preferred method to acquire the easements. However, in case negotiations do not reach a conclusion that satisfies both parties, staff recommends moving forward with the condemnation process.