Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So even though I have tried really hard to stay home last week, I found it necessary to suit up with my covid equipment and venture out into what used to be my little world.
I know many of you are out there mask-less and throwing those dice with a gambler’s fury. Well that is your business. I prefer not to gamble with things like health and family in my older age.
But after a month of grocery pick up and grocery delivery, I needed to see what was on the shelves to buy it. I was a little tired of doing pick up and being told toilet paper was almost extinct and watch someone carry a 24 pack of “the good stuff” out to their car as I waited in the pick-up zone.
So I suited up. I carried pumpkin spice hand sanitizer; after all pumpkin fixes everything right?
My first outing was brief and very well thought out. My cloth mask fogs my glasses and makes me a  little light headed after about 20 minutes. But I went.
The second store I went to – a loud but very unharmful, although unmasked young man, informed his friends it must be that grandma time of day.
First of all, I am not a grandma, but would be very honored to be.
Secondly, well if you are basing these descriptions on my hair color or length. , , most of us are in the same boat on the hair color.
Outing over I washed my hand thoroughly, did my wipe down of item ritual and felt a little better.
Gas is cheap! Cars are still running, and what’s up with the lines at the fast food taco place and the place with the car hops?
A trip to the mega stores happened this week. I needed some items I could buy in bulk. Same suit up procedures. Cart sanitized. 6 ft away from any other shoppers. The only problem is, I can’t use 50 lbs of rice.
So you end up back at the local grocery store.
My allergies are crazy. I try really hard to stay away from those people-y places. I am sure the masks will keep me from going to concerts and movies once they relax the rules. I would rather stay home than be in a huge crowd anyway.
I am not desperate for human contact. I talk to people every day. I also try to speak to people on my block even from a distance. Someone out there my need an smile or a kind word. We can learn to smile with our eyes and put “happy” in our voices.
Keep your mask up, or for goodness sake put those suckers on! Wash your hands. Don’t take chances with other peoples’ lives.