The COVID-19 lock down has had little effect on crime statistics in Gardner.
“It appears that things seem to be relatively status quo,” said Sgt. Steve Benz, Gardner Police Department public information officer.  “We have not seen any real surge in a particular crime during the Stay-At-Home order.”
Accidents were down slightly in 2020, from 31 in 2019 to 29 during the same period this year.
Traffic violations also have been down during the pandemic Last year Gardner Municipal Court had about 360 new cases per month, but for 2020 the average new cases processed is 295 per month.
During the Stay-At-Home order officers were asked to remain vigilant and to be highly visible. Officers avoided making traffic stops for lesser violations whenever possible, in order to reduce the chances of spreading the virus and adversely affecting our available officers to handle calls for service, Benz said.
“Statistically speaking the numbers are very similar to those from a year ago,” said James Belcher, GPD chief. “ Personally I think our citizens have found ways to continue being productive during this pandemic. Those same citizens have gone out of their way to make and bring us personal protective equipment and other items to help us. We have also seen acts of kindness from citizens to citizens, especially the birthday parades. We are fortunate to have such a great community to live and work in.”