Dr. Big Sister also known as Hannah Curtis. Photo courtesy of Mike Curtis Photograhpy

Kiesa Kay
Special to The Gardner News
“Listen up, people. We need to talk about the sickness. I know you’re still going places. That’s a big no in my book,” Dr. Big Sister says. “If you’re sick, you stay home. If you’re not sick, stay home. Bottom line, stay home.”
Dr. Big Sister, a three-year-old from the Gardner Edgerton area, decided to help make everyone safe from COVID-19. Her video, in the words of a wise toddler, clearly tells everyone the steps they can take to protect themselves. It has quickly gathered 160,000 views on youtube.
“No hugs! No kisses! No cuddles!” says Dr. Big Sister. “We can’t even high five. You can wave, or do this, like a hug, but always stay home.”
Dr. Big Sister is the brainchild of Hannah Curtis and her Aunt JoJo. Mike and Lauren Curtis, Hannah’s parents, enjoy the video themselves, and it has been a comfort to her grandma, whom she calls her Mimi. Since she’s three years old, anyone of any age can relate to her message. Her dad owns a photography studio, and she’s comfortable in front of the camera.
“Hannah is smart and hilarious, so this made a good fit,” Mike Curtis said.
Dr, Big Sister gives specific advice, on the youtube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hxB-k7LKlQ. It can be found by typing “Dr. Big Sister” into the youtube subject line.
“Wash your hands. Keep washing! All done,” she says “Don’t touch your face. Cough into your elbow. Don’t go to school. Work from home. Don’t go visit Mimi. Just call your Mimi.”
Mike, whose website is mikecurtisphoto.com, says his family has found a silver lining in these rough times.
“We have spent so much time together!” Mike said. “We play games, watch movies, and play outside as much as we can.”
Dr. Big Sister has a second video in the works on snacks and snacking. Soon, if everyone takes care of themselves and each other, she’ll be able to hug her Mimi again.
In the words of Dr. Big Sister, “That’d be super dope.”