April showers bring May flowers, and it usually brings out volunteers in honor of Earth day.
Traditionally local communities have hosted a city wide cleanup, and volunteers have helped clean parks and trails. With COVID-19, this year is different.
The theme for 2020 is Climate Challenge, and it will be celebrated digitally.
Earth Day has been honored for nearly 50 years, events have been held around the world to encourage and increase awareness of the need to protect the environment. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 193 countries.
Earth Day started as a grassroots movement and caused, in part, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and contributed to the passage of the Clean Air Act and Water Quality Improvement Act.
This year, due to the statewide quarantine, Earth Day is being celebrated digitally, but it’s still a good time to clean up our own homes, plant a tree, pick up trash, weed a flower bed or take a stroll.