Plans on what to do with the old Gardner police station on West Main are not confirmed yet. An environmental assessment indicated asbestos; which will require remediation prior to any demolition. File photo

The Gardner Police Department completed its move from the old station on West Main to the new facility in September of 2019.  The GPD is currently located at 16540 N Moonlight Rd, Gardner.
Gardner staff working with consultants, performed an environmental assessment in preparation for the demolition of the old police station, said Michael Kramer, public works director. Suspect asbestos-containing materials were sampled during the survey and submitted for laboratory analysis.
The laboratory analysis reported that several of the sampled materials contain asbestos.  Such materials may be left undisturbed. However, they must be remediated prior to demolition.
“The city is currently evaluating proposals for the remediation work, and determining the feasibility of moving forward during the current COVID-19 shut-down,” Kramer said.
The city utilized the garage portions of the building for storage of equipment over the winter months in order to protect equipment such as the street sweeper from freezing.
No appraisals of the existing property have been performed as part of the project.
During a council meeting June 3, 2019, Kramer, recommended the city enter into an agreement with Treanor Architects, a KCMO based firm, for about $43K to conduct a needs assessment for the decommissioning of the police station.